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5 Best Destinations for Volunteering Abroad this Autumn

End 2013 with positive change, and enter 2014 with a different perspective on your life. Volunteering Abroad with Greenheart Travel this Fall could be the move you’ve been waiting for all year. Take the time to shift the focus of your life onto improving the lives of others while exploring these beautiful places from around the world.

1. Australia

It’s springtime in Australia from September to November and the build up to the monsoon season. The weather is ideal to volunteer, and if you are hoping to explore after your program is complete you won’t be short on things to do. There are awesome events going on in all of the major cities, so wherever your volunteer placement is you’re bound to find fun things to do. The Spring Racing Carnival is a 3 month long festival featuring world class horse racing, fashion, and entertainment and takes place in racecourses throughout Victoria. The Melbourne Cup is the highlight of the carnival. Nature lovers will find the Daintree Rainforest especially beautiful at this time of year as temperatures are pleasant and storms are less violent. This is also close to the Great Barrier Reef, which is always a spectacle to see. Flower festivals are also popular throughout the country.


2. Ecuador

Ecuador is especially beautiful from September – October when temperatures average from 70 – 75 degrees. Explore these celebrations on the weekends while you volunteer, or take an extra week or two after your program to experience some wonderful festivals during this time, such as Virgen de las Mercedes in Cotopaxi, Independencia de Guayaquil in Guayaquil, and Fiesta de los Lagos in Imbaburra. Ecuador’s railway network has been radically revamped in 2013 which connects Quito to Guayaquil, which will increase ease of travel around the country. Tracks will also connect to the famed volcano in Cotopaxi and Nariz del Diablo, claiming to be the steepest stretch of railway in the western world.


3. Kenya

Volunteer in Kenya in September/October to catch the end of the Great Migration of Wildebeest, Zebras, and Gazelles. This is a spectacular sight that cannot be duplicated many other places in the world. Temperatures remain at an average of 70-75.

Watch this video presented by 60 minutes on the Great Migration

4. New Zealand

Fall for Americans means spring time for those living in the Southern Hemisphere. Volunteering in New Zealand is particularly beautiful in September, and  when festival season is at its height. The food at this time is ideal for seafood lovers as it is the time when it is most fresh and bountiful. For adventure seekers, it’s a great time to go white water rafting with the highest river levels, making things more exciting. Temperatures at this time range from 60 – 70 degrees F. Fall is the best time to go for those who love to hike.


5. Spain

Volunteering in Ibiza in the fall is a great time to visit when the summer parties are dwindling and you can appreciate the city for its natural beauty. Temperatures in September range from 78 – 84 degrees F.  You can relax on the beach without the commotion, and if you are looking for a festival packed fall after your program is finished, mainland Spain is a great place to go. September welcomes Festa de la Merce in Barcelona, Festa de Santa Tecla in Terragona, Festa Major de Vilafranca del Penedes (human castle building), San Sebastian International Film Festival, and many more.


Volunteering alongside of travel plans will enhance your journey abroad. Become a part of the local life while exploring what a country has to offer. Going abroad as a tourist is fun, but truly experiencing what it means to be a part of another culture is a completely different experience. Autumn is a perfect time to volunteer as tourist season is dwindling down, and a more natural environment is revealed at these various locations.


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