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Final Thoughts and Photos from Studying in Austria

by Sarah Gourevitch, Greenheart Travel High School Abroad Student in Austria

My last two weeks here in Vienna have been jam-packed doing everything I wanted to do before I left (and more…!).  I returned to Prater, the amusement park to ride the scarier rides.  I gave an English presentation at school about my hometown and what things are really like in the US and NY.  I went to a concert, which was the final exam for Vienna Music Institute students.  I climbed Stephansdom tower (the big cathedral in Vienna).

Stephansdom Tower

At the top of stephansdom tower.

I went to a lecture and panel discussion at the Vienna Business Research Weekend on digital copyright, which was very interesting—it’s so cool that these types of things are free and open to everyone here.  I went to the Donau Insel Festival, a huge and free music festival with ten or so stages with various concerts.  It became quite hot here so I’ve been visiting the pool and the Danube River quite a bit to go swimming!  I’ve also been busy rehearsing—I’m playing in two concerts during my last two days here!  I also have a dinner planned with my friends here and I’m spending my last night with my host family.

There’s so much I’ll miss about living here: my host family and friends the most of course!   Then there’s also that wonderful Viennese coffee, the street trams, the pastries, the German, the chocolates, the Musikverein, the little cafes, the parks, the kebab sandwiches and the list goes on (although I think it probably speaks to my experience here that every other item on that list was food-related…!).


The pile of my favorite chocolates and snacks that I’m bringing home for my friends and family to try 🙂

Of course there are things that I’m looking forward to at home, too (maybe a few of which are food related as well…)!  Time passed so strangely this semester: the five months flew by so quickly, yet it feels like ages ago that I was back in the United States.  I’ll be coming back with so much in addition to my way-too-heavy suitcase (advice to future students studying abroad:  pack a lot less than the weight limit, you’ll come home with a lot more!)… Knowledge of a new language and culture…

Receiving my diploma for studying abroad with my host family.

Receiving my diploma for studying abroad with my host family.

A second family, a second home, countless new friends…

Friends at a Dance

At a ball with my circus friends!

New perspectives on music, and an eagerness to travel even more!  I’m so lucky to have had such a wonderful experience that will make it so hard to leave this place—but I already can’t wait to come back and visit!

Aerial performance

Performing at my circus show!

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