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Photo Friday: A Tour of Avila, Spain

by Ariela Martin, Greenheart Travel Language School Student in Salamanca, Spain

On Saturday, Estudio Sampere went on an excursion to Avila, Spain, a small city an hour away from Salamanca. We spent most of the day there, visiting the many sights and learning its rich history. Patricia, one of Estudio Sampere’s teachers, grew up in Avila, and took on the role as our official tour guide for the day.

We began the excursion at 8:45, where we boarded the bus in Salamanca and left for Avila. Upon arrival, the group split up for a few minutes to relax and grab a snack. I, along with a few other students, went to a local café and ordered, café con leche (coffee with milk), while taking in the beautiful scenery of Avila.

Next, we set out to explore Avila, along its many streets. Because Avila was mainly constructed during the time of Roman ruling, it’s streets are easy to navigate, with two of it’s main streets intersecting in the middle at the town square.

Avila is the capital of Castile- Leon, a region in the interior of Spain consisting of nine different cities. Avila is best known for its prominent medieval city walls, built in Romanesque style. The construction of the walls began in 1090. For roughly half of the circumference of the walls, people can walk along the top of them.

See the pictures below of Avila, and the view from the top!

Ariela in Avila, Spain

Enjoying café con leche while taking in the view.

Spanish Poem

This quote is from a poem written by Santa Teresa, one of the most influential and remarkable writers of the Catholic Church. The poem is titled, “Vivo Sin Vivir En Mí”, meaning “I Live Without Loving in Me”. The quote from the poem in English reads, “I live without living in myself, and in such a way do I hope, that I die because I do not die.”

convento de santa teresa

The inside of the Convento de Santa Teresa, a monastery known most for being the birthplace of Santa Teresa.

Walking the wall in Avila

The view of the walk on top of the walls.

A view in Avila

The view from the top of the Walls of Avila.

Los Cuatro Postes

The view from Los Cuatro Postes (The Four Posts), a religious monument, and the perfect spot to get the entire landscape of Avila.

DSC_1988 DSC_2012 DSC_2103


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One thought on “Photo Friday: A Tour of Avila, Spain

  1. Fascinating history of the town and the photos are gorgeous. What a great opportunity, thank you for sharing it with us.

    Posted by rmgoldstein | June 28, 2013, 1:38 pm

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