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Fashion and Sports in Vienna

by Sarah Gourevitch, Greenheart Travel Exchange Student in Austria

Fashion in Vienna?  It’s not too different from what we wear in New York!  I have noticed a couple things that have stood out though…

  1. Colored pants—Most girls own at least one pair of maroon or red pants and many boys have a pair of green jeans.
  2. Lace up boots and combat boots—I see them less frequently since the weather’s been nice, but most were sporting them in the winter!
  3. Flea market and vintage clothes
  4. Interesting and fun earrings (for the girls!)

I think, like anywhere, everyone has their own style and tastes but that all in all Vienna’s looking pretty good : )

And sports in Vienna?  Since I go to a music school here, I don’t know so much about the sports scene but I do know that soccer (fußball) is quite popular!   It’s common to gather with friends and watch the game and many kids also play for fun.  Both football (or “American football” as it’s called here) and cheerleading don’t exist and I’m often asked what high school football is like, since my friends only know the sports from American TV shows.  How I Met Your Mother, Scrubs and Glee are among the most popular American television shows here; although I’ve yet to be introduced to any Austrian television shows, I have gotten to know some Austrian musicians! Listening to Austrian (or German) music is a good way to improve pronunciation and become familiar with the language. I’ll definitely be listening to my German playlist after I go, as I know I’ll miss the sounds of the language!

It’s hard to believe I fly back to the United States in just two weeks!  I have a list of things I still want to do in Vienna before I go, so stay tuned for my final blog entry J Here are a few images from the past week.

Jazz Cafe

A jazz cafe I visited for a concert recently

Park by Karlskirche

A park by Karlskirche (Karl’s church) where I spent Sunday afternoon reading and relaxing in the sun🙂

Bike Fashion Show

The rehearsal for a bike fashion show in front of Karlskirche (there’s lots of bike-related events this week in Vienna!)

A Viennese gelato stand.

A Viennese gelato stand.

Flea market

Saturday flea market and farmers market.

2013-06-10 15.29.52

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