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A Night at the Opera in Italy

by Alyssa Giesler, Greenheart Travel Language Exchange Homestay Participant in Italy

Giuseppe said I could not leave Sicily without seeing the inside of the Teatro Bellini, and treated Antonella, Ida, and myself to a night at the ballet. And boy was it a treat! We were in a second mezzanine box that sat right next to the stage overlooking the orchestra. I could see how three elements of the theater come together in perfect harmony: the stage, the orchestra, and the audience.

The performance was stunning, the dancers as ethereal as the creatures they were trying to emulate. The theater, which opened in 1890, was breath-taking. The walls and ceilings were so ornately decorated that I shall not even try to describe it for my words would not do justice. Luckily, I was able to sneak a few pictures before someone caught me and made me stop. I don’t want to appear as an ignorant American, but this was one instance where I felt completely at ease saying, “I’m sorry, I’m American and I didn’t know.”

Read about Alyssa’s night at the opera on her blog.

the opera


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