High School Abroad, High School France

What I Learned From Studying in France

by Pierce Abrahamson, Greenheart Travel High School Student in France

Being here has really changed me every which way. Ya maybe I eat or dress a little differently now, but never-mind that. It’s not always just the French influence of thought either. Being here has ultimately helped form into more of myself (and more of a young adult). I find that I’ve been able to realize things I would of never thought before, try new interests I would of done before, I’ve become more independent, and ultimately much more self confident. It’s all being out of the comfort zone and challenging yourself to adapt to the real world.


About Greenheart Travel

CCI Greenheart Travel is personally invested in providing cultural immersion programs that change lives, advance careers and create leaders. We achieve this by partnering with organizations and governments overseas that empower their local communities through experiential learning and practical development. We provide others with the same positive travel experiences in which we ourselves engage. Through travel and cultural exchange, we help individuals reach their full potential, leading to a more tolerant, peaceful and environmentally sustainable world.


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