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My New Home in Granada

by Cindy Chan, Greenheart Travel Language Exchange Homestay Participant in Spain

Last month I quit my job of three years in Toronto to start travelling like I´ve always wanted. I found a program with Greenheart Travel where I can live with a local for a low fee in exchange for English lessons from me. This sounded like a good place to start since I´ve never traveled alone before. The program is offered in a few countries but I decided to go with Spain because I had such a wonderful time there when I went two years ago. Also, I´ve always been interested in learning Spanish. I signed up for the program and waited eagerly to find out who my host would be. I felt like I was waiting to be adopted and in a sense I basically was. Eventually I got my host family (a jolly woman named Rosa) and before I knew it I was flying to Madrid, where I would then take a scenic five hour bus ride south to Granada.

Arriving in Granada was very surreal to me since I´ve been wanting to travel and live in a different country for years. The landscape of Granada is really beautiful since it´s a small city surrounded by mountains. I was really surprised by how many mountains there were, pictures I saw on the internet before coming really didn´t do it justice. What a change from Toronto!

Read more about Cindy’s time in Granada and check out her photos on her blog page!

cindy chan

About Greenheart Travel

CCI Greenheart Travel is personally invested in providing cultural immersion programs that change lives, advance careers and create leaders. We achieve this by partnering with organizations and governments overseas that empower their local communities through experiential learning and practical development. We provide others with the same positive travel experiences in which we ourselves engage. Through travel and cultural exchange, we help individuals reach their full potential, leading to a more tolerant, peaceful and environmentally sustainable world.


4 thoughts on “My New Home in Granada

  1. Hi Cindy!

    I’m looking into the Homestay programs right now and Spain is so far my first choice. Can I ask what the best/ worst parts of the program was (or your time there) and how long you were there for? It would also be my first time traveling alone in a country that I am not familiar with so I’m a little nervous. Also, how structured were your English lessons with your host family?

    Thanks in advance!

    Posted by Jennifer | October 9, 2013, 10:24 am
    • Hi! My name is Jennifer Salvador and I manage Greenheart Travel’s homestay and language programs abroad. That’s awesome that you are thinking about going to Spain! I actually studied there for a semester during college and it was an amazing experience. If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to email me at or give us a call at 1-888-ABROAD-1.

      Posted by Jennifer Salvador | October 9, 2013, 10:45 am
  2. Hi Cindy!
    I did the same thing! Quit my job back home moved up to a big city. I got a temporary job before my trip to Spain in May. I am traveling more in July. I always wanted to learn spanish so i am living with a host famiy while i take classes in Salamanca! Thx for living your dream and it inspires me.

    Posted by Cassie douglas | April 25, 2013, 1:36 pm

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