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The High School Abroad Program Manager’s Take on Sweden

By Terri Peaslee with Greenheart Travel

We asked Hope Pavich, our High School Abroad Program Manager, about her recent High School Abroad partner visit in Sweden. Below, she shares some of her favorite food and experiences during her time abroad.

Hope Pavish Program ManagerMy favorite meal was a delightful reindeer course in a restaurant lit only by candles.  It was a cool experience because the food was delicious, and it was my first time dining in a nice restaurant solo. Initially I felt awkward, but the longer I sat there, the more comfortable I felt. The food helped of course!

After dinner, I went to a park and enjoyed the crisp air while listening to a street musician play. Soon thereafter, an octogenarian sat next to me and initiated conversation. It was such an engaging discussion that we took it to a nearby café and stayed until close (midnight). He walked me back to my hotel and bid me adieu, leaving me with the enriching experience of connecting with someone from both a different culture and a different generation.

Meeting the partners was phenomenal of course! They are informative, passionate, and welcoming.

A tip to the students: Ask the locals for their advice on what neat, unique things there are to do. I was in Gothenburg and asked the partners for ideas of what to do with my leisure time. “Visit the archipelagos!” they said. And I did! And they were awesome!

I just wish I had brought some change. There is a fee to use most public restrooms in Sweden, and I had A LOT of coffee that morning…


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