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Paris in July: Fashion, Fireworks and Unforgettable Experiences

by Gabrielle Palffy, Greenheart Travel Language School in Paris participant

July 2, Monday: I believe that after one day in Paris, I have fallen in love. Honestly, I was terrified to leave my hometown and visit another country by myself for three weeks. I highly suggest walking around the area you will be living in and going to school near to get a feel of your surroundings. For my first day, I went window-shopping. Before, I did not see the point in walking around and looking at clothes, which are too expensive for me to buy, but the display is amazing! The fashion in Paris is truly incredible and the outfits are spectacular. My favorite outfit is a long, fitted, black dress with zippers spread around all over. The idea seems so strange, but it looks very creative and artistic and one of many gorgeous outfits you will see!

July 7, Saturday: Today is by far the most amazing day I have had in Paris. I visited the Musée du Louvre and saw the Mona Lisa. If you enjoy museums and art then this is the place for you. There is so much beauty and history in this extremely large museum. After, I walked through the Jardin des Tuileries located right outside of the Louvre. There is a gorgeous fountain with chairs around it for people to sit and have lunch with friends, read a book, or just enjoy the beautiful view. It’s absolutely breathtaking!

July 12, Thursday: Wow. The Pompidou Museum was the funniest museum that I visited. To clarify, the artwork there is just so crazy and different from what I am used to categorizing as “museum worthy art”. Some of the pieces are just so funny to look at that I suggest bringing a classmate to check it out with you. My friends and I had a wonderful time spending our afternoon at this modern museum.

July 13, Wednesday: As a side note for everyone, remember to eat a crepe while in France. France, for obvious reasons, has the best crepes that taste absolutely delicious! You can get all kinds varying from breakfast types to desserts (my favorite is a crepe with nutella, yumm!)

July 14, Thursday: Quatorze julliet! For those of you who do not know, quatorze julliet, the 14th of July, celebrates the storming of the Bastille in Paris, France in 1789, which sparked the beginning of the French Revolution.  The parade was kind of a bust (I stood in the same spot for four hours as I watched different types of cars drive by). On the other hand, the fireworks featured at near the Eiffel Tower were gorgeous. I warn you, these fireworks will ruin all future firework shows for you. The show was incredible. Some friends and I watched from the gardens across from the Eiffel Tower. Music played while the show carried on. For lack of a better word, it was magical.

July 16, Monday: The Eiffel Tower is as great as everyone says it is. You really can see all of Paris if you go to the very top. I suggest going when it opens, at 9:00 am, and use the stairs for at least the first level. Otherwise, you have to wait in a long and time-consuming line for the elevator that only grows bigger as the day goes on. Although, the spectacular view is worth the wait.

July 20, Friday: On the last night of my stay in Paris my friends and I went out for ladies night! We went to an authentic, French café and went out for drinks to say our last goodbyes. I highly recommend you spend your last night in Paris doing something you will never forget.  Go out with a bang!

Last minute tips:

1. Take tons of pictures. You’ll want them to look back on and if your family is anything like mine, they’ll want to see everything you saw.

2. Meet new people. The more open you are to other cultures, the more you will learn and appreciate others lifestyles.

3. Have fun! This seems very obvious, but traveling to a foreign country can be difficult and scary at times. Just remember to relax and try to enjoy every minute of it. It’s a life changing experience!


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