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The Lessons of Living in France

by Kurendeep Rai, Greenheart Travel Language School in Paris participant

Monday. I sit down with the host family at 8am for breakfast. I do not understand a word they are saying but just say “oui” and “merci” in the most authentic French accent I can give. At 8.30am I leave for school. Fortunately, the French language school was easy to find. As soon as I step in, they welcome me with a “Bonjour” but transition to English as they’ve spotted the tell-tell signs of a confused English teenager.

They make me sit a test and review my oral level before assigning me to a class. I’m in bottom set.

*             *             *

3.38pm. I am currently very tipsy after a bottle of wine I shared with an Australian girl, which I met in the language school, over lunch. She seems like fun and has “I love pancakes” tattooed on her wrist. That pretty much sums up her personality.

Paris is fun. Or is it because I’m still tipsy? The wine seems stronger than in England for sure!

What should I do now in Paris? I think I’ll go out at night. Everything is more beautiful at night.

*             *             *

Vendredi. Yesterday, I ate rabbit and snails. It was a good meal and only 25 Euros!  However my night took a downturn from there. Last night, I was a mess on a boat party with a girl I met in school. I need to learn that to have fun I do not need to drink a lot.

When will I learn my lesson? Despite last night, this trip seems to be benefiting me more and more. When I return to London, I will be a new man. It is like I have taken a step back and finally seen the structure of my life. I now know how to improve this structure. I am now more independent and have more freedom on how my life is being built.

Tomorrow is Bastille day! I do not want to offend my host family by not spending it with them. I will be meeting my friends, Ash and Antoine, from school which should be fun.

Samedi. On the weekend, I had a lot of fun. On Saturday, me and my friend Ash when to the Louvre and we saw Mona Lisa. I think that Mona Lisa is very famous because a lot have people have different opinions on the meaning behind it. It was surprisingly small. The museum was very big. Unfortunately, I did not understand the meaning of a lot of paintings.

However, Sunday was rubbish! Me and my friend went to the catacombs but there were too many people queuing and we would have to wait three hours! Then we went shopping but the shops were closed!

I think that next week will be better.

Read more of Kurendeep’s adventures in Paris on his language school program in France.


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