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Preparing for My Peruvian Adventure Volunteering in the Amazon

by Nathaniel McIntosh, Greenheart Travel Correspondent Scholarship Winner in Peru

Our Greenheart Travel Correspondent scholarship winner is off on an adventure to Peru. Follow Nathaniel’s stories as he volunteers at our Amazon Environmental Sustainability Project.

I start packing with my rubber boots on the bottom of the suitcase. Words can’t express the excitement welling up in me. : )



Had to take a photo break from packing to get a pic with my Aggie hat representing UC Davis. I like to roll my clothes in an attempt to save space.


All done. Not so bad, adventure time.

Well I thought I was done packing, but my mom thought otherwise.  And how right she was!  I was skeptical that I would be able to fit all of this extra stuff in my bags (challenge accepted) but I managed to get it done.  I had to get a Camelbak backpack to bring with me on various project so I wouldn’t have to worry about a water bottle; I also picked up a flint fire starter, a compass, pocket knife multi-tool, and a mosquito net along with various other things.  Now I am truly done packing and anxiously awaiting my flight. : )


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