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October Rain in the Republic of Georgia

by Clare Wocken, Greenheart Travel Teach Abroad Participant in Georgia

The rain is falling pretty hard outside and has been for a couple of days now here in the Republic of Georgia. It’s a cold one, too, to the extent that I’m contemplating donning my new boots and going for a romp! Ooooor I could just sit in bed all cozy-like and read or watch a movie…hmm…

Life in my village is quiet and quaint. Every once in a while to my amusement, the cat walks across the piano in a nice tune; Salome and I always have a good laugh over it. Alright, so not too much seems to be happening, but that’s ok. I actually spent the last 2 days cooped up in bed with a whacky stomachache but was feeling better today and went back to school. That was a highlight for me; being a bum in bed, even if it is necessary to feel better, is a killjoy and slows down my momentum, especially only in my second week at school.

Good news is, I’m feeling much better and was back up to speed at school. Mrs. Ineza and I taught 4 classes from the comfort of our own new and improved English classroom! Hurray! Previously, she and I would go from classroom to classroom to teach the various grades, so  now they come to us and we have a place to call our own! Granted, the tops of the desks aren’t screwed down yet, so the kids were getting distracted by that all day. Who can blame them, though? I recall how I was when I was that age, so I understand. I’m looking forward to the idea of putting up fun posters and the kids’ art soon, if Mrs. Ineza will go for it. Let’s make the English classroom the fun one, eh?

After classes were finished for the day, I was ushered into a room full of students’ parents (or should I say students’ mothers, with the exception of one dad). The entire meeting was in Georgian, of course, and judging from the word “inglisuri” that was dropped a number of times, it was about me being in the school for the semester, although that’s about all I could get from it. I couldn’t help but laugh inside at how crazy it was for me to be standing in front of this huge group of Georgians, trying to look normal, while I obviously had no clue what they were all talking about. Nod and smile, nod and smile. That mantra has been working out pretty well for me so far. Anyways, I don’t think I freaked any of the parents out too much, so there you have it. I think they’ll let me stick around for a while!

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