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There’s a Cow in My Front Yard

by Clare Wocken, Greenheart Travel Teach Abroad participant in Georgia

photo by Kenneth Monette

Gamarjobat from village Tsetskhlauri, near town Kobuleti, near city Batumi, in Adjara region of Georgia. (do you think you can remember that all?)

I know it’s been a while since I’ve last written, so there is a LOT to cover. I’ll see what I can do in a limited amount of time (I don’t want to leave Roberti, my neighbor boy, waiting too long to get back his USB internet connector that he lent me!).

At the moment, I’m sitting on my balcony in my new home; there is a palm tree in front of me in the yard, and I’ve been munching on fresh grapes from the garden. The doors are all wide open and there’s hardly a breeze—back in Minnesota, it’s probably just humid or maybe even cold, but here near the Black Sea, things are nice. Rumor has it that it hardly even snows! Anyways, my life is a vision of rural bliss. Cows are frequently wandering down the road, ringing their little neck-bells and mooing till, well, they come home!

I live here with my host mom (deda), dad (mama), and sister (da). My sister’s name is Salome, and she’s a super sweet 14 year old girl. I also have a host brother, Guja, who went back to his university in Tbilisi today after spending the weekend as my pseudo-interpreter at my new home here. Needless to say, now that I don’t have someone who speaks English at my beck and call, I’m very glad I spent the lari for a Georgian-English phrasebook. How do you say “lifesaver”?? Each morning, I wake up and eat breakfast at the little table near the kitchen; from that window, I can see the Caucasus Mountains, capped in snow. Also, on the walk to my school, I can see the Black Sea. Pretty amazing! Next step is to figure out at what time the marshrutka into Kobuleti drives past!

There are certain things you take for granted in your life; one of those is being able to communicate with other people. If you don’t have that, life is automatically a bit more exhausting, but also a bit more fun. There is a surprising amount of ways to get a message through to someone, whether it’s with actions, with sound effects, or whatever else. Half the time, the people you are saying something to may interpret it as something completely different but I suppose that’s half the fun.

Read more about Clare’s first week in her new home…

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