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Kia Ora! Te Puia! Mud pits, Geysers and Maori Ceremonies in New Zealand

photos and story by Jack Hubbard, CCI High School Abroad Exchange Student in New Zealand

Kia Ora is hello in Maori, and Te Puia is the super cool park place Philipp and I went to today! The first thing we saw was a very cool Maori welcoming ceremony, with lots of dances, songs, and tongue-sticking-out-ing.

If there’s anything I learned at the Maori welcoming ceremony, it’s that tourists are VICIOUS creatures. They’re like snakes. Not all tourists, obviously, but a good majority of them were absolutely unbelievable. Philipp told me about an Asian man who came up behind him, grabbed his arm and pulled him aside so he could get closer to the stage. They look like zombies too. Their moths hang open, and their eyes are blank, and always dead set on whatever it is they’re there for, in this case, the Maori dancers. They’ll do whatever it it takes to get closer to the entertainment.

ANYWAY, the show was super cool even with the tourists. After that we saw what was pretty much the main act, a good 25 foot geyser. There was an awesome guy doing some abstract art on the bridge by the geyser. He was my favorite. Anyway, this whole place is littered with awesome climbing areas. Areas that are blocked off of course, but regardless, this would totally be the greatest place to climb. Steam basically emits from any crack in every rock you see. Imagine climbing and suddenly “KKUPSHHHH!” A huge burst of steam blasts out from the rock and you go flying back. That’d be sweet. Definitely gotta do that before I leave. So yeah, steam is coming out of the ground basically everywhere and of course it’s incredibly hot. The entire area is steaming hot because of all the.. well, steam. Not to mention the blazing sun.

There were some super cool (word of the day) bubbly mud things. I spent a good ten minutes trying to capture one of the bubbles popping on my camera, but to no avail. The thermal areas like this make some of the coolest rock formations I’ve ever seen.

Behind Arches National Park we saw a couple pits god knows how deep with bubbly pools (for lack of a better word) in them. The only reason we knew there was a pool was because we could hear the bubbling.

The color of the water is pretty awesome as well. I’m not sure if it’s because of the heat of the water, but something makes the water an unreal shade of bright blue. There was a sweet little pool that bubbled like crazy, and was apparently used to cook EGGS. How SWEET is that! Unfortunately it was closed when we were there, but I’m determined to get back there and cook a freakin’ egg in a hot water pool. I literally added it to my list of things to do before I leave. In conclusion, although it’s hard to describe, Te Puia was very very cool =) We got in for 20 dollars (about sixteen American Dollars ) because we’re New Zealand residents. So it was well worth it, for sure. Read more about Jack’s last few months in New Zealand…

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