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High School, Host Brothers and New Zealand’s Earthquake Shake Up

by Jack Hubbard, CCI High School Abroad Participant in New Zealand

As a high school abroad student in New Zealand, I am currently placed at Western Heights High School, which is set up kind of like a college campus; lots of separate building and a huge campus. With a hint of Harry Potter, with all four houses, prefects, house points, all that good stuff. Incredibly easy though.

All of New Zealand has a feel good grading system, with a certain number of credits per class to pass, where it’s almost literally impossible not to pass: No grades just, achieved, achieved with merit, and achieved with excellence. I’m taking: Law with a crazy bulgy eyed, pot-bellied man, English, Study, ORSP, which is an outdoor recreational class, and the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, computer studies, and Music. The only time I get to play piano is during music class. I didn’t realize how much I would miss it.


Jack's host brothers in New Zealand.

My host family couldn’t be any nicer. Colin, my host father has the best job ever invented, a cop specializing with police dogs. The three kids all are very cute (Troy’s the cutest), but of course, they aren’t without their annoyances. Which rather than annoying me makes me feel quite at home. I brought them all American footballs, and they seemed to like it quite a bit. Surprisingly, the part they enjoy most is being tackled by me, which makes the game a bit too easy. But still fun none-the-less.

The biggest deal going on here right now is obviously the earthquake. The country has been put at a national State of Emergency, and all we’ve seen on the news for the past week or so is the destruction. The news is pretty thorough covering the disaster, and it’s pretty scary seeing the aftermath. Hopefully they get everything sorted out soon.

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