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How Do You Say “Police Academy” in Georgian?

by Heidi Gatzke, Greenheart Travel Teach Abroad Participant in Georgia

After five long days of training, on Friday night, I found out where I will be living and teaching in Georgia.  And it’s not where I thought it would be.  I pictured myself living on a farm in a small village with a view of the mountains teaching young children in a small school.

In a strange turn of events, I will in fact, be staying in the capitol city of Tbilisi and teaching, not children, but rather adult men and women training in the Police Academy of Georgia.

Out of the 75 volunteers I have been training with, only two of us are going to be teaching there and living together in an apartment in the city.  We even had an impromptu interview before being selected. The Police Academy representative showed us a power point presentation during the interview.  They have state of the art technology, a pool, sport hall, gym, dormitory and cafeteria.  I guess I didn’t have to worry about bringing school supplies.  Somehow I don’t think my chalk will be needed there.  It’s a good thing my roommates were placed in more remote areas and were able to take them to their schools.

On the one hand, I am looking forward to having some of the modern conveniences of the U.S. and to be able to have some of the freedoms I would not have living with a Georgian family.  On the other hand, I will miss not working with kids and learning about the culture in a smaller town.  Hopefully, I can visit some of the other teachers in their villages in order to get a better feel for the country.


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4 thoughts on “How Do You Say “Police Academy” in Georgian?

  1. Hey Heidi! How goes the police academy? Is it crazy or awesome or both? Its Sarah out in Terjola, good post. I’ll be in Tiblissi this weekend so I’ll try to stop over and say hi. Be well and good luck!

    Posted by Sarah Springsteen | February 3, 2011, 11:26 am


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