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Waiting for a Visa, Hoping for Voicemail; Counting Down the Days for France

by Mickinley Nault, CCI High School Abroad participant in France

On December 31st I was supposed to board a plane and meet my host family in France. Today was supposed to be my first day of school. However, I have horrible luck. My visa arrived today, just four days late. And I will now be leaving for France on January 7th. GREAT. Well, at least that means another week of vacation for me; not going to argue with that.

Disappointed, yesterday I decided to call my host family. I don’t know what it is about the phone, but I was SO nervous. Nervous I wouldn’t understand what they were saying because I couldn’t see them saying it; nervous they would have NO idea what I was saying because I haven’t had a lot of practice speaking French. I wrote down exactly what I wanted to say and was almost praying for a voice mail. Of course, they picked up and I embarrassingly apologized for not having my visa and tried to explain when I would be arriving. They seemed happy to hear from me and I’m pretty sure they actually understood me, which is reassuring.  Maybe I don’t suck at French as much as I thought.

So, to anybody who needs to get a visa: IT SHOULD NOT BE THE LAST THING YOU DO! Get your visa as soon as you can and eliminate stress of receiving it in time for your trip. It is extremely disappointing to have to wait another week after months of waiting and preparing for your trip.  Now I’m just counting down the days…


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One thought on “Waiting for a Visa, Hoping for Voicemail; Counting Down the Days for France

  1. Well, lessons learned babe…..put it behind you and look into the future…..

    Posted by Mike Belanger | January 18, 2011, 9:53 am

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