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An “American Girl” in Italy and the Mystery of Marshmallows

by Mel Reitcheck, Greenheart Travel High School Abroad Participant in Italy

It feels like it I have been in Italy longer than just a week!  I feel pretty adjusted to my family’s schedule and Valerio and Francesco are starting to open up to me a little bit.  Two nights ago, I taught them how to play chess in horrible Italian, so now they are more comfortable making mistakes in English. We all are warming up to each other.

View of the Cossignano.

Tuesday I started school and met all of my very nice classmates.  Everyone was interested in the ‘American girl’ so I got a lot of Italian practice. Luckily though most of them speak English well so they are very helpful in teaching me words and such.  In this school, they do not change classrooms or classmates for all five years of school so they all know each other very well, which is intimidating but also good.  I also went to Cossignano (the actual town part) later Tuesday afternoon.It is very pretty and very very old and calm.  It was interesting seeing the Medieval era infrastructure that is still left, and equally interesting to see the little ‘houses’ people live in in the center.

My host mother, Antonella, is very very informative! She is full of information and always is telling me something new.  She knows about the history and culture of practically every town in Italy. It is incredible how much she knows! Saturday night we spent an hour in a book shop, and she had read almost every book in there! She is very well-read to say the least. Plus she knows and speaks German, French, English, and Italian, so their personal library is full of books from all over Europe.  

Last thing and then ciao…Marshmallows. Last night, Antonella asked me what a marshmallow was and I didn’t know how to explain it!  I guess they talk about them in TV shows and movies a lot, but no one here has had one! Valerio got very excited at the mention of them because he thought I might have brought them with… Read more of Mel’s time in Italy...


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