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Worth the Walk in Howth, Ireland

by Ashley Kline, Greenheart Travel Internship Abroad Participant in Ireland

View from the cliffs in Howth, photo by Ashley Kline

This past Sunday on a break from my internship, I went to a town called Howth, Ireland. Oh my goodness is was absolutely gorgeous!! It is right on the coast about 30 minutes from Dublin. The views are amazing and you can see for miles and miles into the Irish Sea. There are many things to do in Howth, my friends and I did the cliff walk around the mountains. It takes about two hours; it is so worth it. I took a million pictures of the cliffs and down into the water. The views are breathtaking, unlike anything you could ever imagine. You also get to meet people who are also walking; we met some people from Germany, they were so nice. There are different paths to take and you can actually go all the way around and walk for as long as you want. There is also a lighthouse at one end of a cliff.

Also in Howth, there is a marina with tons of boats and a long pier you can walk through that goes far into the water. If the seals are out you can feed them and sit on the big boulders and stare off into the sea, it’s so relaxing. The beach is beautiful and the water is so green it looks like a picture someone drew. There are little shops around and a little ice cream shop, I believe it is called Ann’s that I would definitely recommend. There are also many seafood places around if you want to sit down for a nice dinner. If you think of a typical European town that is Howth in a nutshell. The roads are small and not very wide, there are little houses all around the mountain.

We really lucked out because the weather was perfect the day we went so it made it even better. I would recommend anyone to go to Howth; it’s a perfect day trip! It is very easy to get to; we just took the Dublin bus number 31 and were there in no time.

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