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Homestays and Harry Potter: Why I Chose England

Greenheart Travel writer, Marcus Kahn

by Marcus Kahn, Greenheart Travel Independent Homestay Participant

My homestay in England is coming up in a little over a month, and I have to say, I am ecstatic. But first let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Marcus; I am nearly 17 (May 25), and I live in a bubble-like suburb outside of Los Angeles.  “Why England?” you may ask. Well the world’s greatest scholars have tried to puzzle together this enigma, but I trace it back to a deep love for Harry Potter.

In that long gap between the Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix I must have re-read the books over ten times each. When I watched the movies the magic was obviously fantastical, but on the Hogwarts Express, while everyone else in the theater was absorbing Ron and Harry’s first conversation, I was watching the English countryside fly by.

photo courtesy of London-Day-Trips.com

I have long since realized that the dry, albeit gorgeous nature in Southern California simply isn’t right for me. I want the rolling green fields, and history that stretches back before Roman times. I want the cool accents, and the cool weather. I love California, but as college approaches, and I am obligated to step outside my suburban bubble, I find it wise to understand the places I might really want to live.

As my good friend put it, England to me, is like Emma Watson (the actress who played Hermione Granger) is to him. We both build up this amazing idea of who this person or place is, and it can only be proven a reality or fantasy through firsthand experience.


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One thought on “Homestays and Harry Potter: Why I Chose England

  1. Thanks for sharing! I hope you have a wonderful trip and find everything you’re looking for!!!

    Posted by Erika Urriola | May 18, 2010, 2:50 pm

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