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Discovering the Greatest Minds of Architecture

by Rachel Chaikof

Photo by Rachel Chaikof

Photo by Rachel Chaikof

Seeing the grounds sculpted into incredible rounded steps is one of the greatest wonders of ancient sites.  There is no question that the Incas had the greatest minds for architecture.  Pisac, one of the most significant Inca ruins and the first site that I visited, not only has flights of beautifully sculpted stairs adding to the harmony of the land, but also buildings made of stones.  Pisac has been a very important regional capital since the 10th and 11th century and, in fact, it is possible that the town was first a military post to guard against dangers.  However, over time, it has become a sacred place, specifically a ceremonial and residential center.

People are still living surrounding these Inca ruins.  In fact, I went to a market nearby where there was a bounty of Peruvian specialties, including jewelry, musical instruments, scarves, purses, and many more.  …

Photo by Rachel Chaikof

Photo by Rachel Chaikof

What’s also fascinating about visiting this market and even throughout the Sacred Valley, is that I had the opportunity to see a population of Peruvians living in the countryside, the ones who wear clothing more like the Incas. Women wearing skirts and scarves.  People using big blankets to carry their infants or items.  It was just very cool to be part of an exotic world!  I honestly felt as if I was traveling back in time!

Afterwards, I visited Ollaytaytambo.  The first thing I saw was an enormous flight of stairs going up to the top of the mountains.

Photo by Rachel Chaikof

Photo by Rachel Chaikof

I sure did climb up a hundred of uneven steps to the top to see the whole new world above me.  What I was seeing is a village where people are still living by the Inca ruins.  I learned that these residents are still maintaining the traditional ancient Incas life.  For instance, they are still tilling the fields with foot plows and weaving clothes and accessories.  As usual, many of them are still wearing traditional Inca garments.

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