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Indlovu Center Creates a Call to Action

It feels good to give back. Volunteering has been on the rise despite the economic downturn, and with hundreds of programs and opportunities it can be daunting to choose a project to commit your efforts. From helping in orphanages to working with communities in impoverished areas, volunteers are critical to making  a difference. Usually, this type of experience requires a lot of planning, saving and time away from work or home. Greenheart Travel is going to make it a little easier for you to lend a hand without the immunization shots and departure orientations.

The Indlovu Center in Capetown, South Africa is a Greenheart Travel volunteer project where efforts are improving the quality of living for the people of the Monwabisi Park township.

Volunteers in this township have been helping to establish a holistic community that focuses on sustainability, organic community gardens, cultural programs that aim to revive and preserve the indigenous arts and traditions, as well as creating an environment where young people can grow and develop to their full potential.

These are big goals for a township that is underdeveloped and with no running water. Greenheart Travel has been fortunate for the many volunteers that have contributed to these efforts throughout the years.

Momentum came to a halt as tragedy struck in November of 2008, when a fire nearly destroyed the township. Today the Indlovu Center is in desperate need of funds to rebuild. To date, the medical clinic and a temporary structure for the day care center have been built, but plans to construct the soup kitchen and teen center have been put on hold until money has been raised.

Tonight, Greenheart Travel is going to try and help in this rebuilding by hosting a fundraiser at Citizen’s Bar for any Chicago resident who enjoys a rooftop happy hour and contributing to a great cause.  Donations will go toward building materials and medical supplies. Please join us in helping rebuild this community project.

Where: Citizen’s Bar Rooftop Patio   362 W. Erie, between Sedgwick and Orleans

When: Tonight! June 17 at 5:30pm – 7:30pm

What: Raising money for the Indlovu Center in South Africa through silent auction, raffle tickets and donation at the door.

Why: Because only $20 will improve the lives of those in the Monwabisi Park township.

For more information, please visit us at Greenheart Travel.

About Greenheart Travel

CCI Greenheart Travel is personally invested in providing cultural immersion programs that change lives, advance careers and create leaders. We achieve this by partnering with organizations and governments overseas that empower their local communities through experiential learning and practical development. We provide others with the same positive travel experiences in which we ourselves engage. Through travel and cultural exchange, we help individuals reach their full potential, leading to a more tolerant, peaceful and environmentally sustainable world.


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